DesignBayArea is a platform dedicated to promoting design, the arts and culture, experimenting between industries and amplifying the voices of the California design community, to create opportunities by fostering the local and international community.

DesignBayArea was founded in 2021 by Alana Washington, Clement Mok and Dawn Zidonis in memory of August de los Reyes who believed in community and inclusivity. DesignBayArea produces events throughout the year, offers resources and opportunities for the local and international design community and produces San Francisco Design Week, an annual design festival that spans the Bay Area.

Our visual identity was designed by Mucho. Channeling the optimism, warmth and openness of the Bay Area with the flat, vertical side representing the Pacific and each ray pointing to the 9 unique counties which make up the Bay Area. The brand was developed around the concept of ‘West Coast Energy’ the new symbol is reminiscent of a spark, or sun, shining back from the Coast. The symbol also creates a large letter ‘D’ for Design. The color palette represents the ‘Golden Hour’ — a unique light that hits the Bay Area and California at the end of each day as the sun sets in the West, featuring ‘International Orange’ — the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. The typography is also unique to the region, designed by Lucas Sharp of Sharp Type based in the Bay Area.

Thank you to our partners at Retronyms Labs for the development of the website. Retronyms excels at using design, engineering, and strategy to bring integrated-technology experiences to life.

To Christopher Simmons and the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Chapter of AIGA SF for planting the seeds and starting San Francisco Design Week in 2006. In 2021 Design Bay Area acquired the brand and has been producing the event ever since.

To our Co-Founder August de los Reyes, thank you for your dedication in building this project with us from the ground up. Even though you left us to soon, your legacy lives on through the Bay Area design community and San Francisco Design Week. San Francisco Design Week is funded by a gracious financial gift from the Estate of August de los Reyes.

Our Goals
Unity in Variety

The Bay Area is home to several design organizations. DesignBayArea role as a leading organization in the region to align the various design groups by leveraging common goals through shared activities and programming while not seeking to replace distinct interests.

Civic Involvement

With the societal impact of design endeavors taking center stage, an emphasis on ethics and civic responsibility becomes paramount in design for the 21st century. Such involvement includes working with our municipal government to secure a design voice in the public discourse with the end-goal of improving the experience of our city be it through active participation in existing efforts to create a design led region.


With the climate crisis upon us, the Bay Area design community is a leader in sustainable methods and products. DesignBayArea keeps sustainability front and center throughout all our actions and productions.

Go International

The Bay Area finds itself at the crossroads of many economic, social, and cultural intersections as well as being an international travel hub bridging North America with the Pacific. Design Bay Area furthers its role in the global design community by leveraging these uncommon qualities that few cities enjoy through a number of efforts: from potential partnerships with our sister cities around the world and international events produced by Design Bay Area attracting design enthusiasts from all over.


Alana Washington
Board Chair, Co-Founder

Clement Mok
Treasurer/Secretary, Co-Founder

Dawn Zidonis
CEO, Co-Founder

Design Ambassadors

Sam Seidel / Stanford d.school
Design Education/South Bay Ambassador

Stanford d.school Director of Products and Publications and Co-Director of K12 Lab | Full Bio

Tara Tan / Strange Ventures
Venture + Design Ambassador and Venture Series

Strange Ventures General Partner 

Mike Nicholls / Umber Magazine
East Bay Community Ambassador

Umber Magazine, Mike Nicholls Studio Founder/Creative Director

Photo Credit: Bethanie Hines

Natalia Kowaleczko / PACT STUDIO
Agents of Change Series and SFDW Brand Theme Partner 2024

Founder + Creative Lead, pact.studio

Everett Katigbak / Anthropic
Emerging Tech / AI / Branding


Tony Mingo / PACT STUDIO
Agents of Change Series and SFDW Brand Theme Partner 2024

Partner + Engagement


Cecilia Caparas Apelin /Ciel Creative Space
Marketing Strategy Ambassador

CEO + CoFounder, Ciel Creative Space

Robert Klein Strategy + Engagement
App Roll-out

Consultant: LinkedIn

Support Team

Coralie Langston-Jones
Public Relations
Social Blueprint

Chloe Jackman
Chloe Jackman Photography

Mariya Shpungina
Community Coordinator + Events

Vince Cimo
Video + Virtual Tech
Empowered Streaming

Rob Villanueva
Photo + Video

Nelly Wollenberg
Senior Program Producer


In Memoriam

August de los Reyes
Co-Founder, Design Bay Area

Thomas Ingalls
Founder, Ingalls Design

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