Build your creative foundation with Stanford D.School Books

June 5, 2023 • Posted by Design Bay Area

A collection of books we’re currently gushing over featured below from Stanford D.School.

Plus check out the D.Schools Community Bookshelf: A list of books from authors who teach and work with the!

This Is a Prototype

Scott Witthoft

Discover the what, why, and how to build the prototypes that will help you learn and figure out what to do next–no matter what you are up to. See more details on where to purchase this book!

You Need a Manifesto

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn

Collect, curate, and craft your own manifesto that you can use as an everyday tool for making decisions and taking action. Book details here!

Creative Hustle

Olatunde Sobomehin & sam seidel

Learn how to identify and navigate your own creative path that leads from your gifts to your goals, where you make a living doing things that matter. Click here to learn more about the book and find out where you can get a copy.

Drawing on Courage

Ashish Goel

Bringing ideas into reality takes courage! Click here for details!

Navigating Ambiguity

Andrea Small & Kelly Schmutte

Learn how to embrace uncertainty and turn creative opportunities into intentional design. Find out where you can get your copy.

Design for Belonging

Susie Wise

Find out how to create paths to make everyone feel they belong in your organization or community. Click here to visit Stanford D.School books.

The Secret Language of Maps

Carissa Carter

Learn how to discover the agenda behind every map and the hidden messages lurking within data in a world full of misinformation. Click here if you love maps as much as we do!

Creative Acts for Curious People

Sarah Stein Greenberg

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