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DesignBayArea gives back to support the design and adjacent industries in the San Francisco Bay Area by focusing on cutting edge design, creating economic opportunities and promoting our region as important for our industry.

We need your support as a 501c3 nonprofit to accomplish our goals of covering local events and products launches through documentation, promotion, collaboration and press coverage. In 2023 we elevated and promoted over 300 community events, brands, design teams and studios in the Bay Area and produced San Francisco Design Week in June.

This is your chance to be a part of elevating our local creative community while receiving direct benefits by supporting us!

  • Do you support our initiative to utilize technology to give everyone equal access to industry events happening around the Bay Area region, in all 9 counties? Including the launch of our design community app? (Beta is being released in December 2023)
  • Do you want help facilitating opportunities and exposure for your Product Launch? Case Study or to showcase your teams Thought Leadership?
  • Do you love San Francisco Design Week, the annual festival which happens in June, and want to see it continue in 2024 and beyond?
  • Are you enjoying being a part of a tight-knit, longstanding community to discuss or learn about cutting edge topics?
  • Do you want to support us to create more opportunities to get press for the awesome products and client work your brand is creating?
  • Are you new to the Bay Area and want to introduce yourself to the community?
  • Are you interested in supporting our Free Ticket fund to make events more accessible?
  • Do you have another reason for supporting us or something specific we can help you with? Donate and include in the note section to receive a call from our team leadership!

Interested in sponsoring Design Bay Area or San Francisco Design Week? Contact us!

DID YOU KNOW? Design Bay Area is launching a Community App for the San Francisco Bay Area Region! Beta is launching in December 2023!