Perch Italia Launches

August 27, 2023 • Posted by Design Bay Area

Perch Italia launch! Perch Italia is a new venture between Pentagram alumns Rob Duncan, Jody Corcoran and Kenneth Sweet.

Their mission is to bring the world a new collection of high-end, beautifully crafted assistive walking products, designed to fit the needs and demands of design savvy, mobility challenged consumers.

“There are so many tools that are also objects of desire. Think of your favorite watch, or your dream car, or classic handbag. Why shouldn’t there be mobility assist products that combine rich materials, beautiful form, and modern engineering? Our goal with Perch Italia was to design a product that could be used with pride; something with all the allure and personal expression of a luxurious watch, handbag, or piece of jewelry.”
— Kenny Sweet, Industrial Design Director (Design Committee)

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