Stay Connected: Design Bay Area Community App

June 11, 2024 • Posted by Design Bay Area

Access details about regional design industry events, meet local community members, and get connected!

Introducing the Design Bay Area Community App

We are excited to announce the launch of our new regional design community app is free and available for Android and iOS. The Design Bay Area App gives you access to upcoming events and posts by Bay Area Creatives and Brands. With the Design Bay Area App, you will be the first to know about events, product launches and posts by receiving notifications when you join topic groups of interest.

“Keeping the San Francisco Bay Area Design Community connected and engaged,” says Alana Washington, DBA Chair “means never missing out on community events and conversations, because we all use our phones daily.”


Providing access to local in-person and virtual events led by individual designers, brands and studios. Register and see who else is going!

Discover and Participate

Register for events, get updates and see who else is going. Find events you want to attend near you by setting your geo-location to show events within a specific distance. The App is free to use but you can elevate your experience by donating to select your badge and identifier for your profile. Change your donation tier at any time or go back to the free version!

Get Social with Groups

Find and follow other members from around the Bay Area region. Post your own content and engage with other creatives sharing their stories in groups and participating in events. Find and post job opportunities. Register an account via the app, post comments, and publish topics you want to discuss and share with the community!

Select your badge and identifier to share with the community who you are by donating!

Choose location distance to see what design events are taking place all over the Bay Area Regions 9 counties.

Create and Manage Events

Are you hosting a design industry event and want to promote registration to the broader community? Now you can create your own member-generated event directly from the App and share it with your friends and other users.

Individual Event Hosts* or Brand* donation tiers can publish member-generated event on the App Calendar directly from the App for 6 months. Tag and share it with your network and friends. Schedule events that are compatible with your location, activity interests, and timeframes that work for you. See who is interested in your events, download a registration list and engage directly with the community through posts and comments.

* To publish events you must choose Individual Host or Brand donation level

Give it a Go!

Free to Join!

Sign up as a user for FREE! Enjoy finding and registering for events, publishing posts, conversing with other members and joining topic groups!

Supporting Member: Donate

Show your support by donating! Choose an identifier and badge such as Looking/Hiring, Design Leader, or for Studios and Products: Brand!

Publish Events

Donate at our Event Host and Brand Levels to publish events: unlimited events for 6 months including San Francisco Design Week!